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Generally Recycled


The ideas for Recycled Thoughts came to me a long time ago. It wasn't so much a thought but one of those moments you wake up and just say "huh." And then you go back to sleep. Sort of like this.


I guess you could call it an epiphany. Did I spell that right? You know what I mean at least, a moment of clarity that changes the way you think about things ever after.

So why Recycled Thoughts? Why not Recycled Ideas? Simple. Because the whole process that leads you to an idea is a thought. So when people say that there are no new ideas, what they really mean is that there aren't any new thoughts. And thus the site was born.

Is this a good idea for a site? I am not sure either. But there is one thing that I really liked about it and that was the name. I will in all honesty most likely drift off course, as my thoughts are prone to do and talk about anything and most likely everything which is a good way to keep the site on topic. And there I mean on theme.